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DS Certified approved used cars

How do you choose a premium used car?  Below you will find some points to help define the ideal vehicle and select the model that best suits your needs.

Choose the right category of used vehicle

Are you looking for the comfort of a spacious interior, performance and sportiness on the road or even a practical and versatile vehicle?  Depending on your needs, you can turn to many types of high-end used vehicles:

  • Purchasing a premium used saloon is the best way to enjoy optimal comfort during your long road trips.  In compact or luxury format, the saloon seduces its classic lines and its particularly reassuring power.
  • The purchase of a used premium SUV gives you access to a powerful and elevated vehicle, offering extremely valuable comfort inside the cabin.
  • Purchasing a premium used city car gives you unparalleled flexibility in urban environments, combined with a moderate price.  In return, the owner of a city car notably loses storage capacity.

Are you hesitating about the model best suited to you needs?  Our tips and guides for choosing the right premium used vehicle will allow you to select your future vehicle by paying attention to all the useful criteria: defining a purchase budget, examination and test of the vehicle, comparing offers, methods of financing etc.

Choosing the right engine for you used vehicle

Thanks to the growing diversification of engine types, motorists wishing to reduce the amount they pay at the pump are no longer limited to internal combustion models only:

  • The premium used diesel car is an option that retains undeniable appeal due to the lower cost of fuel.  This feature makes diesel a logical and economical choice for drivers who cover a large number of miles each year.
  • A used premium petrol car has the advantage of a lower cost of purchase, offset by the higher cost of fuel.  As a result, this engine is more suitable for occasional motorists who drive relatively little.
  • Purchasing a second-hand premium plug-in-hybrid car allows you to benefit from a more powerful electric motor, which can typically take over from the internal combustion engine for about fifty miles.  This is an often advantageous choice to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Second-hand premium electric vehicles, finally, have many advantages, including less wear on parts and of course the achievement of substantial savings compared to thermal or even hybrid models.


Define your budget for buying a used car

At DS CERTIFIED, you never have to exceed your budget to obtain the guarantee of a reliable and top-of-the-range used car.  Do not hesitate to set yourself a price limit to find the most suitable model, and then look for the ideal car in this price range.

  • Used vehicles under £15,000 already give you great freedom of choice.  You can set your sights on, among other things, the exclusive charm of the compact DS 3 hatchback or that of the DS 3 city car, which will give relief and elegance to all your daily journeys.
  • Used vehicles under £20,000 bring you into an even more diverse and exclusive bracket.  You can find, for example, the DS 4 Crossback but also the luxury DS 5 saloon or certain models of the DS 7 Crossback.

The age of the vehicle will naturally have a major impact on the necessary budget.  In particular, if you want to buy a recent premium second-hand car, whose first registration date does not exceed one or two years, its price on the second-hand market will necessarily be higher.  The DS Automobiles range gives you access to a wide range of prestigious vehicles, ranging from the most recent vintages to older and more accessible models.


Choosing the type of transmission for your used car

Buying a premium used car with a manual gearbox is currently the norm for the majority of motorists.  This type of vehicle has the main advantage of lower fuel consumption compared to automatic transmissions.  With the right driving style, it is possible to save between 5 and 15% on petrol or diesel.

The purchase of a premium used car with automatic transmission, however, is attracting a growing number of motorists because of the unequalled driving comfort.  In addition to the absence of the need to constantly shift gears, it offers the feeling of a smooth and less jerky ride.

You will also have to choose between:

  • A 2-wheel transmission, implying that the vehicle is only towed by the front or rear wheels for better cornering, but less versatility.
  • A 4-wheel drive transmission, with guaranteed traction at each wheel of the vehicle, for better traction offset by a higher purchase cost.


How to choose a used DS vehicle?

DS Automobiles used vehicles are the recognised specialty of the DS CERTIFIED network.  The premium French brand is characterised by a large number of luxury and emblematic models, ranging from prestige city cars to crossbacks and saloons with strong personality.

DS CERTIFIED is your reference contact for the purchase of a used vehicle from the DS Automobiles premium brand.  Discover a world of prestige where refinement, comfort and performance become one:

  • The second-hand DS 3 is a city car that continues to be popular with many motorists after the end of its sale.  It is distinguished by its clean lines, its personalisation elements and a high level of interior comfort.  Its DS 3 Cabrio variant will allow you to drive in the open air.
  • The used DS 3 Crossback has been delighting its owners since 2018 with its upgraded interior and magnificent design, a legacy of DS Automobiles know-how.  This luxury urban SUV is also available in a DS 3 Crossback E-TENSE version, equipped with 100% electric motor.
  • The second-hand DS 4 and its adventurous version DS 4 Crossback used spectacularly inaugurate a new era for compact and elegant saloons.  The models have petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid engine.
  • The used DS 5 boasts all the attributes of a top-of-the-range saloon, but also the spirit of refinement so characteristic of the premium French brand.  This 5-door model is still a safe bet on the second-hand market despite the production stoppage in 2018.
  • The used DS 7 Crossback is a luxury SUV recommended for long journeys and transporting a family in a quiet, luxurious and secure environment.  This family vehicle par excellence is designed to provide driving comfort like no other.
  • The second-hand DS 9 promises to be highly coveted on the second-hand market.  The superb long and top-of-the-range saloon from DS Automobiles is distinguished by its luxurious Performance Line + finish.  It features an 8-speed automatic transmission and is offered with a petrol hybrid engine.

See our guide for more information:

How to finance a premium used vehicle?

The financing options for a premium used car are numerous, and each have their own advantages.

Whatever finance options you choose, your DS CERTIFIED retailer will advise you on the tailor-made finance options available, adapted to your needs and your budget.

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